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As we are no bank or a welfare institute, we have a simple and straightforward policy.

1. Before we send off any pre-production samples per courier to you, we need to have received the initial payment to cover our efforts.
2. Money makes the world go round: 
Therefore we release the shipment only, when your complete payment has arrived. The suppliers do the same with us.
3. And everything is top urgent :
If you request a sample per courier from us without placing an order, you'll have to pay that effort. Anyway, we strive to keep the costs as low as possible, but must cover our costs. It became a bad habit in the market to request lots of samples without following an order.

We quote only in US-Dollars. Payment in Euro & RMB  is also possible. All money transfer costs have to be born by the customer (PS: the full amount in contract has to arrive in our bank account in China or  in Paypal account ).